Masters of Deception



A. Are they keeping you busy?
B. Yeah. Ice
A. On the division of the division of the division.
C. Why donít we start from the top?
A. You may benefit from not having heard this before. You know, and I will get a partial review from you two. There are no complaints from your department.
Your office?
B. Well, letís see. (All talking at once.)
C. Youíre not FBI?
B. Well, at times. I am assigned there from thisAgency.
C. Youíre not FBI?
B. No.
C. Well, okay, no problem. And I am sure if I deviate from things that whatever Iím basically give them the conversation I gave you from the get go. This is going to clarify some inconsistencies that I am not happy with. Iíll tell you that right now. From Officer Burgess that I met with. When I left Washington, D.C. many years ago, my attitude was give me my books, and my music and leave me the hell alone unless we are at war but donít bother me not until then. And the minute those Twin Towers got hit my status changed as informally as it may be.

There was a National Review done and the strategic review was done in the country. It turns out that less than an hour from where I live in a place called Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, there is something called the Suburban Bomber. He terrorized this county for more than a year. The feds couldnít figure out what was going on. But obviously after the attack on the Twin Towers, you couldnít afford to have another incident in the mall during the holidays. Obviously, you are going to try and get one of the best guys on the ground to deal with this short of pulling them out of overseas duty. If I wanted drop and roll and do an undercar inspection and look at the engine block, that is what I did. I had the authority to call in the bomb squad and, if I felt it was necessary, and with my training in ordnance and things of this nature in the military. I have a rudiment understanding of the high end and remote control detonation, etc.

Nothing was ever said and done and in the process of doing that on 10/11, when we had our first alert, before Homeland Security even existed, I saw something that scared the shit out of me and pissed me off. My old phone records 610-397-0860 will verify that I called then called Governor Ridgeís Office before he was Homeland Security. The Lieutenant Governorís office, State Police, FBI, Curt Weldonís Spectorís Office, the White House and I stopped with Trent Lottís Office, Majority Leader. Every step of the way I gave my Social Security Number, my date of birth, having lived in Washington, D.C. years ago, where my security clearance was processed. Well, what the hell is going on? Who is this guy? Whatís happening?

By 5:30 that day, we were on alert and when after-action reports were filed, I will give you one guess who came to my hometown within a half mile from where I live. You could not put him any closer if you wanted to Ė the President. Shortly after that, the Vice President, and shortly after that, the Homeland Secretary, Tom Ridge in a private environment that I was to relax and take my guard down and not feel as though I had to look after people.

After that, at the conclusion of the pipe bomb detail, I put in a request in a letter which was addressed to Tom Ridge requesting him to assign me to the Airport Security at Dulles or to wherever he thought was necessary. I started to consider filing a presidential application for a presidential appointment and I ended up in interstate trucking. Prime is where I took my training from. I donít have to tell anybody in this room the National Strategic interest of the Interstate Trucking Industry is security to this country. If terrorists manage to do something with big rigs, this countryís in trouble and itís not an accident Iím in this environment. Have I broken up a terrorist cell? You damn right I have. You can talk to Homeland Security with respect to that and you can pull up the calling card information out of Wyoming. Nothing was ever said and no formal acknowledgement. Every step of the way on anything that I have done from day one. Thatís the way I am, thatís the way I was trained, eyes and ears of the Battalion Commander observe and report, file your reports, etc. and that is what I have been doing with Mr. X at Willow Grove Air Force Base or Naval Air Station, I donít know what it is. You can verify that with FBI, Willow Grove, Pa. Given that I was considering filing for an application for a Presidential Appointment, I started to study the First Family, the current First Family in preparation for a possible Presidential Appointment. Thatís never happened to this day.

By intent and design I intentionally avoided reading anything about Bush Senior. I studied the Presidentís mother, his wife, him, Rove, their marriage, everything that I could find on him. The only person that I havenít studied is Karen Hughes or Conde. Because of the repetitive nature of the same thing throughout those volumes that I have listed on the internet website address (911information withheld.com). I was also reading a book called Honorable Treachery which was about declassified covert operations going back to George Washington, but simultaneously as I am working through and intentionally by design and intent I avoided reading anything about Bush Senior.

Synergy occurred when I got to Bush Senior, Honorable Treachery and I get into the time line of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Now I realize that Bush Senior was a Naval Aviator during World War II, did not have the opportunity to play an OSS, CIA and yet the man had one of this nationís first intelligence platform, of our Nation. I didnít include this on the website because it is a stretch on my part to conclude or tell people that that man is was far more aggressively involved in resolving the Cuban Missile Crisis than this country has ever been told. He had the first off-shore oil rig 90 miles there in the Gulf of Mexico near Texas, itís logical to conclude that youíre going to have an oil rig platform off of Cuba somewhere. But I havenít had the opportunity to study that to that degree.

But there are things that TASS News Agency with Russia said and did on September 11th during the Cuban Missile Crisis as disclosed in honorable treachery that caught my curiosity but I filed it away. Everything that I have done or accomplished through this whole process has been done using used bookstores in this city. And to break up the monotony I read the book called, Strategy. Itís important that you realize that the book Strategy is studied by our Army War College, Naval War College and National Defense University. If you are a Captain or officer going to any of these exclusive schools, Captain Lidel Hart is required reading and he clearly spells out why September 11, 1915, is a strategic date to hard line elite leadership inside the remains of the Communist Party. If it werenít for the events of September 11, 1915, it would have been that much more difficult for the Russian Revolution of 1917 to happen in the first place. Because ultimately of the internal rot of military operations condoned and authorized under the Czar by the Russian Army. Thatís what helped foment the seeds of the Russian Revolution.

The Twin Towers is the first time that these bastards have drawn blood on September 11th but was by no means the first time that they have tampered with our country, the British and the Israelis on September 11th. This has been going on for decades. With our country, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Iranian Hostage situation during the Carter Whitehouse years. There is a direct correlation between what the TASS News Agency did during the Cuban Missile Crisis and what Rofanjani the supreme leader of Iran did on September 11th with his news agency. The case of Winn Ho Lee at our nuclear lab. In this case that man literally sat in solitary confinement for nine months but was actually scheduled for release on September 11th. And to this day, the Federal Judge on the case cannot figure out why the Executive Branch during the Clinton Whitehouse years interfered and tampered with this case the way he did according to the Federal Judge.

The American people have not been told yet, and this is per a field-decorated FBI and Secret Service, the people that were responsible for handling security during the Clinton Administration. That at the point that Clintonís advanced team hooked up with Bush Seniorís transition people a member of Clintonís team was literally wearing a Communist Red Lenin Lapel Pin, that set the Secret Service off. This is disclosed in Unlimited Access, the memoirs of the FBI Agent.

If by way of modus operandi of attack, that doesnít get your attention, recognize that the Russians did the same thing to the British years ago in a case called the ďBurgess McLean Affair.Ē These men had defected. The British were literally trying to cover it up, sweep it under the carpet and not tell the British people. But something happened on September 11th during that case that forced the British hand and subsequently tore England apart. Change of Political leadership the whole nine yards, a major spy scandal.

Sadly as a precursor to the attacks on our Twin Towers things were being said and done on September 11th during the Clinton Administration. We talked about the Communist lapel pin, we talked about the case of Winn Ho Lee. Talk to the Colonel that carried Clintonís nuclear football and find out what Clinton said and did on September 11th concerning Usma Bin Laden (UBL) it will make you puke. Donít read it on a full stomach.

When you go back the book strategy, understand that in there. Lenin was right, the time to give your enemy the mortal blow is at the highest level of moral decline of your enemy. This nonsense with Clinton and Monica, thatís just about sex. Itís not an accident that Clinton apologized about Monica at the Whitehouse in front of a hundred ministers on September 11th. That is his way of having the last laugh and giving this country the finger. And when he says, ďMonica is a badge of courage,Ē yes, it is. Because he is a double agent thatís been involved in unauthorized, illegal operations against the Congress, the Senate, the Constitution going back to his days as a governor during Iran Contra. The CIA doesnít want that out. You donít have to take my word for it, go look at the work of an award-winning investigating journalist.

A. What would a governor of Arkansas have to do with the Iran Contra? Whatís the connection?

C. Because he was involved with illegal arms manufacturing as a governor back then and doing unauthorized operations during Iran Contra. Take a look at the book compromised, itís all there. Donít take my word for it, Iím not making a statement here without telling you the source. You can independently look on your own.

A Compromise. Itís just a book?

C. Yes. Itís just a book. So is everything on that website. Before we go down that road itís just a book. Operation Danger Able is data mining high tech methods open sources. The net result of what Iím doing is data mining manually open sources. You may want to impeach my character and integrity but you are not going to be able to discredit men like Reagen, Brent Scrowcroft, and Gates high level government officials including the acts of conduct of Clinton himself.

Itís not an accident that he apologized about Monica on September 11th. We all remember how Gorbachev was celebrated as a world statesman, a public figure and a friend of this country. Heís laughing his ass off for pulling off one of the greatest disinformation campaigns against this country. Theyíre playing possum and have and have been for decades. They are no more a friend or our country than Al Queda is. And itís not an accident that this Gorbachev is standing at New York Harbor with Reagen, and Bush Senior staring at the New York skyline and the Twin Towers on December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day. That was his way of having the last laugh coming into our country and actually allowed to live here with a smile on his face and a gun behind his back. Al Queda is a valid target but they are surrogates puppets on a string. I have proven an unholy alliance between Iran and Russia by their own actions. Itís very subtle theyíve had enough sense not to attack us every year on September 11th but the MO is there.

Gorbachev was instrumental in declaring economic warfare on West Germany with the release of Eastern Block refugees to West Germany. He went to then Prime Minister Gulag Horn of Hungary to negotiate the release of the refugees in May. But the formal announcement didnít happen until September 10th, which means that the first day they were free to leave was September 11th. Thatís Gorbachevís signature. They love giving us a black eye on that day and we like to give them a black eye on that day, itís their Fourth of July. We broke soil to build the Pentagon on September 11th Our Executive Military Brass knows the significance of September 11th. And theyíve known about it. The American people havenít been told, why, I donít know.

The Oslo Accords is recognized as Clintonís International Crown Jewel and in fact had a direct opposite effect in that region. It was signed on September 10th, there is a direct correlation between the two. The Israeliís donít realize this yet but they will and they are not going to be happy about it. Itís becoming very apparent to me that somebody is bent on giving Clinton a free pass and itís not going to happen. Itís not, itís just not. The man is guilty of treason and Gorbachev has not been held accountable.

This is all about Al Queda, what have they got to do with it? A man by the name of Marcus Wolf was the head of East German Security called the Stasi at the end of the cold war, the Americans, the British and the Israelis were trying to get him to come into their camp for a debriefing so they could pick his brain. In his memoirs he indicates as a collaborative effort between the East Germans and the KGB, they had been training Middle Eastern terrorists on their soil for decades.

Itís readily understood and everybody says that the attacks in London happened because of the gathering of the G8 Conference. Thatís not why those attacks occurred. Those attacks occurred because London was awarded the 2012 Olympics. When you do a back engineer study on the global war on terror recognize the first major attack by terrorists in the modern era was at the Munich Olympics when the Israeli athletes were killed. On, during or after Munich there was a ceremony held to recognize the death of these athletes on September 11th. There is a direct correlation between what happened to our Twin Towers, Munich and London. The M.O. is subtle and it took me months to put all this together. I didnít realize initially what I had and once I did, I developed a coded cipher, contained the intelligence got it to the right people and hoped that somebody would have the integrity to tell the American families up here in New York, let alone the rest of the country the truth, but they havenít.

Instead, my character, my integrity and everything else has been attacked every step of the way. I tried to get this information out. A man by the name Graham Gusti was the head of security for the 911 Commission. I gave him a briefing and he acknowledged receipt of the first page of my web site and my instructions were that he was to tell Thomas Keene, Chairman of the 911 Commission to talk to General Meyers of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for a briefing to find out exactly what Iíve been up to from Day One before they went to talk to the President about 911. Whether or not that has been done, I donít know.

Mr. X at Willow Grove I trust explicitly but I donít know what is happening or what his procedures are after I give him information. If I need to report something or see something, thatís where I go. Iíve reported how and when I think suicide bombers are going to be used and under what terms and conditions weapons of mass destruction will be used. Iíve reported it to Mr. X and the FBI Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. I donít have a lot of use for Josh Nixon or the guy he replaced, Hillary Jenkins.

One thing that bothers me this is all open sources itís just in books. The Executive, Military and Political leadership in this country is bent on not telling people because we won the Cold War. They are bent on downsizing and centralizing our Military bases. Do you have any idea how dangerous the BRAC Commission is to this country? Has anybody got any sense to realize why the Russians are playing possum and are dead set against missile defense? On the day of the attack (911) then National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice was supposed to give our country a pro-star wars missile defense speech, that is what she was supposed to deal with. Our enemies knew in advance this speech was coming because of a mole at an executive level that had access and knowledge about this speech and our enemies didnít want that speech to happen. Gave us the Twin Towers so that subsequently our National Treasury would get diverted towards the global war on terror and not on missile defense. There is a direct correlation between that and why the Russians played possum with Reagan. Then Gorbechav has the nerve to come into this country on December 7th, Pearl Harbor day before the first attack at the Twin Towers. Itís not an accident, guys, he knew exactly what he was doing and Bush, Sr. spent months trying to negotiate that meeting but out of nowhere he comes to the U.N. and goes to New York on December 7th. It is not an accident.

I realize that strategically one of the reasons why Iím running into the brick wall, they donít all this out. Like I told you on the phone I donít want to run the risk of having to start the draft and get into a knock down drag out war with the Russians. Not that we canít win, but I donít want to see the Russian people hurt, any worse than they have been. But Gorbachev has to be exposed and so does Clinton.
I will tell you two the same thing I told a Military Attaché` at the British Embassy, after London before they evacuated the city of 30,000 strong. The longer my country avoids dealing with the political consequences of treason the way their country had to deal with during the Burgess McLean Affair the higher the risk goes that something worse than the Twin Towers is going to happen. When I say something worse in plain English I mean a biological weapon or a nuclear device in the United States or in Europe. Thatís where this is headed and Gorbachev is going to laugh his head off into the annals of KGB history of pulling off one of the biggest disinformation campaigns against this country.

Every premier security agency in this country theyíve got their own little axe and agenda. Their INTEL analysts have messed up on the product that theyíve given the policy decision makers. All of a sudden I come along and go, ďYou know, I think we ought to re-examine this a little bit further.Ē And rather than stepping up and telling the American people the truth and cleaning up their mess, itís easier to ignore and discredit me. Well Iím a mental crack pot. Iím unstable, which I resent. If I were mentally unstable at 45 years old, itís really difficult to sell that to somebody given the fact that no DUIís or anything in the records including when I was a child. Itís not like something happened in my childhood thatís sealed, there is not.

Clinton and Monica, that doesnít prove treason. Case Number 2 another nail in the coffin. The highest level of National Security in this country next to Communication Security is Energy. We are learning that right now in New Orleans. Without energy, our country goes back into the stone ages. During the Clinton Administration, there was a patent issued that stops our dependency on foreign oil. In plain English, no more gasoline bills or electric bills, thatís what this patent does. Clinton and his cabinet were responsible for telling the country and didnít. Instead, whatís he do, he slipped it out the back door to the automotive industry which it was the only reason why we are just now starting to see these gasoline/electric hybrid cars. And then makes decisions to take our country down the road towards hydrogen. The first hydrogen fuel station is in Washington, D.C. Those decisions started with Clinton. Yes, itís exciting, itís environmentally friendly. The American people havenít been told yet that a key ingredient necessary for hydrogen is natural gas. Without natural gas, you donít get hydrogen. On global economic reserves in fact itís the Russians and Iranians that own and control over fifty percent (50%) of the worldís deposits. So let me get this straight we are going to marginalize the influence that OPEC has on our country only to put us behind the eight-ball with the Russians and the Iranians and use the American taxpayerís dollars in the process. I say again, when you start tampering with the energy policy in this country, thatís treason.

A. Well, is President Bush not aware of this?

C. I know he is aware of it because I gave it to him during his first administration. The President has pleaded with the Congress and Senate for an energy policy from Day One. Through this whole process, he is one of the few people that I have the highest respect and esteem for. Every step of the way, he has done what is necessary to try to defend this country from Day 1. For the first time in this nationís history I have a president with connection to the oil industry that has the nerve to give them the finger in this Nationís history and tell them, ďHey, our dependency on foreign oil is a strategic threat to this country. Do you think the special interests in Washington, D.C. that control and manipulate the Congress and Senate like that? Do you think itís an accident that gasoline prices started to go through the roof in California the way they did before the mid-term elections? Itís not. They knew exactly what they were doing. A little accident here, a little accident there, manipulate the production process, and blame it on the Chinese.

If what IĎve said is not bad enough already, to compound the problem our Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Cuban Missile crisis on or around that time line actively considered killing Americans on American soil so theyíd have an excuse to go to war with Cuba. This was called Operation Northwoods this put forth in public record out in the open in a book called, ďBody of Secrets,Ē written by a man by the name of James Bamford who has been a pain in the neck to the NSA and the security apparatus in our country. You and I both know not in a thousand years would our Joint Chiefs of Staff ever declassify something like that. Our Joint Chiefs of Staff willing to kill Americans on American soil so that they can go to war with Cuba? A different time in history, nukes were involved. Do I personally think that Colin Powell, General Myers or Donald Rumsfeld would authorize, sign off or condone something like Operation Northwoods? No, I donít but if that institution considered doing it once, you would have to allow for the possibility that they would do it again regardless of my personal feelings of these men.

Youíre both investigators. Whatís the first rule of investigations, ďFollow the Money.Ē Christians killing Muslims and Muslims killing Christians only serves to benefit who? Hard line ideologies inside the Communist Party, hardliners in the Middle East and the military industrial complex of any warring nation. Sadly in the process as everybodyís getting rich off of it, itís my fellow Marines and Army soldiers doing the dying and this country is not being told the truth by a long shot. Itís all out there in the open. I had the opportunity to talk to someone that was formerly part of the Army Security Agency the best way to do something is out in plain sight and they have. They havenít messed with us every year on September 11th they staggered it. Andropov studied our country realized because of our automotive and advertising industry that we are extremely vulnerable to market brands. Change the label, you change the problem, so they played possum. Itís all out there.

My security apparatus doesnít like what Iím saying because it runs contrary to what theyíve reported to policy decision makers. Iíve got senior watch officers at Homeland Security going, ďHow the heck does a high school student do this?Ē Youíve got my calling card information. Iíve called and sourced this repeatedly but itís easier for them to ignore and discredit me ďHow the heck does a high school student do this?Ē

A. What is your background? Were you in the military? I really donít know.

C. Has he seen my web site? Tomís letter. I wanted to go to the Naval Academy but didnít make it. Ended up starting out with Marine Special Forces, my high school year book from Ponderosa High, Class of 1978, Shingle Springs, California despite what the military is telling some people, Iím in Marine Corps dress blues. I could have graduated the second semester of my senior year. I wanted to go to the Academy as early as the fifth grade, I remember telling my mom to take me to the recruiter and started investigating then so I buckled down all through high school but because of economic environments I had to work and couldnít get the Aís and Bís, pay for my clothes, etc. I was the runt in a big football school, I was the water boy. Ponderosa High, a big football school, swam on the swim team tried to develop my extra-curricular activities. Iíll never forget this short little sergeant that was smaller than me shows up at the high school and the day that I was to sign my enlistment papers there was some guy that was there with the recruiter that I had been dealing with that diverted me from Military transport to Marine Special Forces. I went to Boot Camp came back, finished up, graduated, took some pre-law classes, etc. I had a Judge that sat on the bench for years and a Captain for the California Highway Patrol that let me know where law enforcement was headed so I never wanted to be a lawyer. As a result, I had the opportunity to receive training at Coronado with the Navy Seals. My unit was top heavy with men that had survived Viet Nam so I was trained by some of the best that came out of Guerilla Warfare tactics and things of this nature from Day One; Artic Warfare, Army Rangers and Military Police for the Army in Washington, D.C. where my security clearance was processed.

When I moved from the West Coast and came east there were no Special Force units so started out in an air wing unit in Quantico. I went up to the Colonel and said, ďGet me out of here Iím not going to serve out my service here.Ē So I transferred over to the Army Guard there in Washington, D.C. Thatís where my security clearance was processed, combat MP training. Now my father, although I didnít know him growing up, was in the Air Force so Iíve learned a lot about missiles and things of that nature.

A. What year did you join the Marines?

C. I graduated in 1978 so my contract was a six year reserve contract, 1977 to 1983, Honorable Discharge if you want we can dig out the discharge papers out of my car. So Iíve been cross-trained, etc. as Iíve said to some people through this whole process, ďThink and act like your enemy, not the way you see him but the way he sees himself. If you donít understand the difference between the two of them, youíve got little or no business giving advice and counsel to the President about anything. I donít care what your background is, I respect the accomplishments. Youíre talking about the leadership training corps of Al Queda that was in Afghanistan. Do you think you are going to arbitrarily infiltrate their cells thereís ways to do it that I have sourced but youíre not going to be able to put in an human intelligence agent and say, ďOh, Gee, Iím one of you!Ē It isnít going to work that way.

There is an informal background in a letter that I sent to Tom Ridge that gets into my corporate and military background. I am sure you can pull a background, IRS records.

A. What kind of security clearance did you have?

C. Secret. It was an interesting experience, and Iíll categorize it this way I was probably only one of the white boys in an all black battalion and all the white guys were in the band. I got along with them because I can blend into just about any environment and I have minority blood in my background anyway. There wasnít the adrenaline rush that I was accustomed to with my old unit. There wasnít the kind camaraderie that I was used to, etc. So I walked away.

A. How long were you with the Army Guard?

C. Two years. Whatever the transition period was from my old unit. I was in New Jersey for a year or less and I ended up in D.C. A basic grunt unit wasnít doing it for me or in an Air Wing Unit sitting in an air conditioned box so I just went to the Colonel and told him to ďGet me out of here.Ē The Guard was a little bit more rewarding, various training, NSA; Fort Meade; whatever basic combat MP needed.

A. What year did you get out of the Military?

C. 1983. Even if there are no formal degrees to recognize it, I never wanted it. I didnít find it necessary, Iím self-taught, self-educated, very intelligent and easily bored. I may not always put all my cards on the table because I like to keep a low profile, get into an environment and see what is going on. And I have no problem challenging authority. My officers trained me that way, thatís what they expected. They didnít want sheep that went, ďBaaaaaĒ and go along with the pack. We were expected to challenge authority, ask questions and get involved and think outside of the box and I have, and Iím a reader. Iím no more a threat to a hard or soft target than anyone else in this room and those that imply that I am, I resent.

Frankly, the only thing that the Security Services in my country have managed to do is to leave me feeling disenfranchised, alienated and driving me into the arms of Aljazerra, moveon.org and about ten other liberal organizations that want to tear at the fabric of this country. Do I want to do that? No. But my country is getting lied to about these attacks for whatever reason. There is one of three things going on, log jam, improper information flow, a duly authorized security blackout, not even the President would have sole authority to keep this information from the American people or weíve got some people trying to cover up something, I donít know, but from Day One Iíve put everything Iíve had to say with Mr. X, this is what I need to go upstairs. If I need something directed to Rumsfeld or the Secretary of State or the President, thatís where I go.

This is one of the things that bothers the heck out of me. This country has been told that we went into Iraq for oil, thatís why we are there. There were no weapons of mass destruction. To understand weapons of mass destruction you have to go back to the first Gulf War and understand what our country went through to try and stop scuds. We deployed the Patriot Missile System to keep Israel from going weapons hot and that weapons system was never designed to stop inbound missiles. We knew it, after action reports prove it that we were not as successful as we should at stopping scuds as we should have which upset the Israeliís. ďWeíre not going to go through this again.Ē Pre-Gulf War Invasion II CNN takes a camera crew to downtown Tel Aviv or Haifa and throws a camera in the face of an ordinary Israeli citizen at the point that Israel was building their plastic safe rooms. And asked this Israeli, ďSodom Hussein is getting ready to do this all over again, how do you feel about that?Ē And the Israeli said, ďWe feel safe, we have our new Arrow Intercept Missile System.Ē And CNN goes to show photos of the Al Samoud missile which was ultimately shown to be in violation of UN mandates. Film footage with CNN shows that some of these missiles have a hole in the nose but not all of them. Think of them as the special. We had enough problems trying to stop scuds and these missiles were half the size and found in the back of trucks and far easily concealable. It took me a long time to understand why youíd have a hole in the nose of a medium size missile. Itís just not done.

My father was part of the quality control team for booster rockets there at Patrick Air Force Base after the first space shuttle blew up. He was part of the quality inspection team so I know a little bit about missiles. At one point he showed me part of internal design of missiles. Missiles donít have holes in the nose. So why would you have a hole in the nose? So that in the heat of the desert you could pour or dump anthrax, VX or biological contaminant into the nose of the missile. Just like the British said, inside of two hours you could be ready for release.

Now, fire it off. One of the sad parts of this whole process is that Europe, the United States and the Middle East have been psychologically conditioned to expect the only people that would get hurt is Israel. Everybody was expecting this time that when Sadam Hussein went weapons hot and fired off a special only Israel would get hurt. But given what the Israeliís had been through the first time, they said they were not going through that again and they designed the Arrow Intercept Missile System.

Sadam fires it off, Israel sees an inbound missile down range at higher altitudes where wind currents and jet streams are more active and at the point of impact over Iraqi soil that contaminant would be released into the atmosphere to blow where? Iraq, another Arab nation? Africa? Europe? You have stuff from sandstorms coming over on jet streams clear over here to the United States. The Russians understand what jet streams and wind currents can do because of Chernoble . The Al Samoud missile was a knock off of Russian technology.

Fact, not fiction, when you pull up the phone records of 610-397-0860 I went to the Executive Staff of the State Department with my analysis and said, ďWeíve got a problem here.Ē Within 48 to 72 hours there was an emergency session held at the U.N. It was classified, I donít know what was said. Nothing was ever formerly said or recognized but I did get an ďAtta BoyĒ out of it .

A. From who?

C. Secretary of State, Colin Powell. The last speech that he gave at the U.N. before we went weapons hot was on 5 February. Five February means nothing to 99.9% of the American people, except me. It was my birthday. Atta boy, Bob, good job. Now go do something else and I have. Go talk to the FBI sniper command and find out just exactly who it was that sent them into New Jersey approximately 48 to 72 hours before they arrested Malvo and Mohammed. Talk to Homeland Security and find out why Ridge made the announcement about the arrest of 30 to 40 big rig drivers with known connections to terror cells overseas and why we went on alert on 10-11.

There was a private contract assigned to one of the countryís largest private contract security firms, talk to the FBI field office in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. I gave them a full report on what happened there. Thirty days after the attacks on the Twin Towers, youíve got a known serial pipe bomber. My partner on the detail was an old man that never should have been there, Iíve got independent confirmation that he wasnít doing his job and sleeping on the job and putting that mall, the region. Youíre talking about a national security issue, and I shouldnít have to tell you what the press could have done to this country after the Twin Towers going into the holidays with a bomb at a mall.

After I filed my report with FBI, Fort Washington, one of the things I said to Mr. X is that I donít ever, ever want to see the Office of the President anywhere near an American Corporation that uses these people for contract security. Those people violated national security for profit and tried to hang me out to dry on it because I raised heck with their junior management about this guy sleeping on the job to try and cover their back.

A. Well, you brought up a lot of interesting points and this is a lot to take in.

C. Well, letís put it this way, the governmentís had this for coming up on more than two years how much more time do you need to take it all in? This has been going on Ö.

A This is the first time Iíve met you.

C. Thatís not the point, the FBI has had this. Theyíve had it for months. You name the security agency and Iíve dealt with them. Itís not going to be a matter of gee, this is the first time Iíve dealt with you, Iím sure you are a great guy, youíve worked hard to get where you are or you wouldnít be assigned to the Bureau and I respect that. You are running of time. Iím tired of getting mistreated, having my character and integrity attacked at every level because the security services in my country think they know everything there is to know about the attacks on the Twin Towers. Itís not as if Iím making a comment here and not backing it up, I have backed it up.

Because of the misconduct of the Springfield Office of the FBI, I personally drove from Springfield, Missouri out to the East Coast, February 2004, to give them a briefing comparable to what you just got. I started out at One Police Plaza in New York, their boys read the first page on that website, crackpot, get rid of him, call 1-800-NYC-SAFE and the only thing that they are interested in is immediate threats to hard or soft targets. I had already faxed this in to someone on the Security Team for the Mayorís Office, ďI said, whatís going on? ď So she hooked me up with someone by the name of Lieutenant Richard Chapman with police intelligence. Now here I am at Ground Zero and this guy says, ďThis is over my head,Ē and blows me off. So I go out to the phone and call the Bureau, it didnít get any better, ďYeah, we got your fax, takes time,Ē click and they just hung up. So I drove down to NCIS Quantico, we only handle drugs and murders. So I go up to DOD, I had already dealt with them previously, I was trying to coordinate a memorial event at Veteransí Stadium during the last football game between the Eagles and the Buccaneers as a memorial. I had already dealt with the Pentagon, the Colonel that I was dealing with said, ďI donít have the security clearances for this.Ē Come back in a minute and Iíll see if I can get you in to see somebody. So I go to the State Department, nothing. So I went back to the Pentagon and tried to get the same Colonel that I had earlier. So I used initiative and I said I would like to talk to somebody with a security clearance and literally, all heck broke loose.

I was immediately surrounded with high-grade weapons these were guys coming out of the field, not your ordinary run-of-the-mill DOD police. I had one guy hiding behind a pole ready to hose me down. Did I get to see anybody? No. They just chased me off of the NSA at Fort Meade. Went up there and the guy looked at me like I was growing horns cause I have the goods on Clinton. That didnít go anywhere. So I finished up with CIA McLean and that didnít go anywhere either.

So I say again, my Intel Analyst in this country have messed up on the product that they have given to policy decision makers and thatís very evident with whatís going on with the BRAC Commission and putting this country at risk and itís easier to ignore and discredit me than it is to step up and clean up their mess. If I were to talk to Negroponte, the NID I have very few positive things to say about my security services across the board. Iíll say that as a whole our state police agencies are very healthy, their officers even at their dispatch centers and uniform divisions are better trained, know how to listen they are not sarcastic or abusive. I had somebody with the NSC that had enough sense to try to get me in to see National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice which I refused to do because I had already been to the East Coast. I told the person at the NSC to tell her to talk to General Myers of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for a briefing on what Iím doing and what is going on.

Itís not about protecting the country, thatís become very apparent. This is all about protecting your turf, your budget and your reputation, not you personally but my security services at large. Itís a wholesale disgrace, if you donít carry a gun and a badge, you are nothing to these people. I mean, the sarcasm, the abuse, all because this didnít show up in the 911 Commission, and my only hope right now is that Curt Weldon is going to step up and expose some of this. Heís got the political integrity and is one of the reasons, because of the relationship that Curt Weldon has with the Russian Military and the exchanges going on is why I briefed his staff. Iíve had staffers on the hill regardless of the aisle Republican or Democrat. That have said, ďThis is too sensitive and blew me off on Capitol Hill police,Ē those guys are a disgrace.

A. We donít have any influence, what do you want from us? Why do you keep coming to the Police Department?

C. First of all, I wasnít intending to meet with either one of you. I was expecting to meet with an Inspector of Homeland Security. And the only reason why you guys got this briefing is because of the major inaccuracies of this report by your officer. In the grand scheme of things, I realize the FBI isnít going to do anything.

A. Do you realize what my role is?

C. I realize that as Joint Terrorism Task Force you are only interested in immediate threats to hard and soft targets.

A. Can you report any information like that around here? Do you have any information like that?

C. Iíll tell you, does he have security clearances?

A. I have top secret security clearances.

C. Then I will tell you exactly what I told the FBI in Fort Washington. Based upon my analysis and observations when I think that suicide bombings and weapons of mass destruction will be deployed in this country under what terms and conditions. I already know they are here, all you have to do is pay attention to whatís coming across the border.

A. Have you seen an influx of Middle Eastern men in the trucking industry?

C. No, around here? No, and if I have, Iíve already dealt with it. When I was out in L.A. when that guy put that tape out, I didnít see anything. My instincts are pretty good and if you manage to trigger them, youíd better be ready to deal with it. I donít care who you are, I know what the rules and regulations are, policies.

I have never made a threat to hard or soft target and the closest Iíve ever come is telling a staffer to think twice about not telling a Congressman or a Senator about this and that includes the Sergeant at Arms for the Congress and what do they do? They go running to the Capitol Hill police ( )! I gave him this information a long time ago and I just recently talked to him and I asked him, ďHave you even bothered to read the book Strategy?Ē No, no, thatís just a piece of fiction. This is a book that our Army War College, Navy War College and National Defense University study. Captain Lydell Hart is one of the premier strategists that they all look at. Iíve had Capitol Hill Police tell me that Iím not allowed to talk to politicians.

Iím sick and tired of this attitude. Itís not my job. Iíll take the report, send it along and stick my head in the sand. You want to know something? Thatís the attitude that got our people killed in the first place and itís still going on. If I see something that bothers me, I immediately source it, talk to Mr. X. I only talk to Homeland Security on an emergency basis if I donít have access to Mr. X. Iíve done my job every step of the way. The problem is that 99.9 percent of my security services donít even know that I exist, let alone what Iíve been doing because I havenít taken a reward or public acclaim or recognition. Sadly, I donít carry a gun and a badge so itís easier to ignore and discredit me. You all know what there is to know about 911. We can all read it in the 911 Commission.

B. Mr. X says he doesnít take reports from you, Bob. Mr. X says you may tell him things but itís not his job or position to do anything else after that. Why would he say that? Youíre telling us you give things to Mr. X and Mr. X gives it to the President, or Rumsfeld or whoever else needs to see it. That is what you are saying.

C. That is correct.

B. Why is Mr. X telling us he doesnít do that?

C. I have no idea. I honestly donít.

B. The phone conversation with Mr. X and he says, ďI know Bob and he calls me but I donít do anything for him.Ē Is Mr. X trying to cover his own back?

C. Ask him the message that I sent through regarding my congratulatory message that I sent through after the President won the election. Thatís a reflection of other things that I put through, including my observations to him about suicide bombers. The one thing that 10/11, 30 days after the attacks, donít put my faith or trust in anybody. Double and triple source things.

B. So basically what youíre saying is that youíll resource information to Mr. X.

C. What he does with it after that, I donít know what the procedures are.

B Okay, I was under the impression that the first time we talked about Mr. X that Mr. X was on the same playing field that you were and he knew what his marching orders were just like you do.

C. If he got marching orders, I donít know what they are all I know is that I trust the man explicitly. I came across Mr. X at Abrahamson Center for Jewish Life when I was sent in there when those people had died because of the outbreak of Legionnaires Disease so I was sent in there and thatís where we came across one another and Iíve been sourcing since, talk to Air Force Intelligence.

B. What Iím getting at is that Mr. X should know what you are doing and he says he doesnít know. It would be my guess that Mr. X is your commanding officer.

C. No.

B. Then why are you reporting to somebodyÖ.

C. Because heís got access to communication equipment, heís got the security clearances that I need Ö. I can show you copies of the reports that I have mailed in to him.

B. Okay, it makes sense to me now. You are using him to source things.

C. As a conduit. If something sets my alarm bell off, either out in the field or every step of the way by way of my analysis, I just sourced something pertaining to all the controversy of that started to surround Conde`. I stumbled onto an open source pertaining to her involvement there at Stanford according to somebody that sourced it to me. This is the money trail at a corporate level with a high level transference of our technology to the Chinese and it spells out her involvement in all of that. Iíve given him stuff every step of the way and what he does with it. Heís told me at times heís put stuff in a bag, I can go out to my car and show you the same reports I sent into him pertaining to my analysis. Try crawling into the head of Saddam Hussein.

B. All Iím trying to point out to you, Bob thatís what makes some of this hard to believe from our standpoint. We call who you tell us to call and he says, ďI donít know what he is talking about.Ē

C. I donít take orders from anybody, I wish to God I did. It would have made my life easier the last two years for clarification and support. I havenít gotten orders from anybody. Because frankly, if I donít respect you, youíre going to have a tough time telling me to do much of anything. There are times that I have literally told Mr. X if they donít want me to do this, tell me to shut up and sit down. Through this whole process over the last two years thereís only been four people that have ever had a chance of telling me to shut up, sit down and mind my own business. If any four of these people had done that, I would have and you would have never seen what is on that internet website. Thatís the President; Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Myers; Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State, Colin Powell. And now that Colin Powell is out of the picture, Condoleezza Rice. If they tell me to shut up, but they havenít. I trust Mr. X but I question to what is going on to what degree and what level everything Iíve put through since Day One and where itís been going. Are his people sending it through to the President, I canít totally verify that.

B. I canít see how you that is the sole agent, for lack of a better term, to accomplish the task how you can trust Mr. X to give this stuff to his people or give it to him.

C. Heís got some of the highest security clearances in the country and heís got access to the kinds of communications equipment. He works in communications with computers and he only reports to colonels there at that base. And itís been like that, heís been my conduit for lack of a better term and my instructions to Mr. X from Day One and I told him this a long time ago. You have to be prepared at any point before a subpoena before the Congress or the Senate. Youíve never given me advice, instructions, orders or anything. And he never has. I trust him explicitly if I need to get a message in on something thatís where I go. When the stuff went down in Wyoming, pertaining to big rigs that incident there I didnít have access to Mr. X we have rapport, heís my friend, heís got security clearances heís got access to communication equipment, etc. If I donít trust you, I donít deal with you, Mr. X falls into that area. Heís got the kind of personality that I need. Heís upbeat, heís happy and in the two years that Iíve dealt with this man, Iíve only heard him sound demoralized once after he was told his base was going to get closed.

B. What is your point of contact why do you keep coming into the offices here. Why donít you talk to him directly?

C. The reason why this department is involved is because of that idiot at Homeland Security, ( ), that sent your department, overstepped his authority and sent your department and got this hotel owner involved to come pay me a visit at this hotel where I was staying and that upset me. The minute I found out, what ( ) at the fusion desk was up to and dragged your department into this and this hotel owner that upset me. If the fusion desk or Homeland Security wants to talk to me, you send the cops out. You donít get the owner of the hotel involved in the process thatís overstepping his authority thatís outrageous and then sits there and tells me I either ran from the room or I refused to open the door. Like Iím going to be afraid to talk to any of your uniformed people! Funny, Iíve already met you six weeks prior to that. Is it logical to you that Iím afraid to talk to uniformed cops but I will talk to a federal officer? That fusion desk is playing games and dragging your department into the middle of something you donít want to be involved with.

B. I thought we were done with this.

C. So did I.

B. They came out and talked to you, right?

C. No they didnít, instead I go back to the same hotel for service and Iím told I canít stay there because of the actions of Homeland Security and the U.S. Attorneyís Office. So when I found out that I came down here and filed a report and when I read it and I said, ďThis is crap.Ē And then I go out of my way to talk to Homeland Security and the Inspectorís office and she doesnít bother to even show up. ďOh, I have an appointment.Ē And they send Mike in because of the rapport we have? They are ducking this.

B. What do you want from us? What do you want from our department?

C. I think thereís a question that some people in our security services need to ask themselves that in a capitol case of treason against the Constitution involving the death of over 3,000 people what are the penalties of obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting. Thatís where this is headed and ignorance of the law is no excuse.

B. This is all about, I understand your theories but it is a theory. Do you know how many theories the Department of Homeland Security gets every year about 9/11 how many theories our office gets since 9/11?

C. This is a little bit more than a theory.

B. I know you are getting your information from all these other sources.

C. Now isnít it funny that if this was just a theory and my security intel analysts in this country over the last 20 to 30 years had it together and knew what Gorbachev was doing. Itís not an accident that the President when he went overseas to meet Putin that he went to see the other former Eastern Bloc countries and this was on the 60th anniversary to celebrate World War II in Russia. They didnít do that on the 50th anniversary or any other anniversary thereof. If I had a memo with Gorbachevís signature on it, we would be at war with Russia. You are not going to get anymore conclusive evidence by way of a memo. Iíd love to know what was said in a Dacha in the suburbs of Moscow with Gorbachev and other ruling elite leaders according to the Washington Bureau in Russia. Andropov planned this and Gorbachev executed it. The evidence is there so itís not a theory. It is a lot more than that. Whether or not you want to accept it or not, is not my problem.

B. Itís not my place to say, ďAccept it.Ē

C. Yes, I know itís always somebody elseís problem to deal with. Iíll take the report. You want to know something, like I said earlier, thatís the attitude that got our people killed in the first place and itís still going on.

B. You are not talking about a threat, youíre talking about theories about 9/11.

C. Funny how FBI Headquarters and their Internal Affairs Division havenít bothered to follow up with this because of misconduct of various field offices throughout the country let alone the head of Counter Intelligence or Counter Terrorism. I shouldnít have to tell you what an organization like Al Jazerra, moveon .org and other liberal organizations could do with this. Let alone what the Israeliís are going to do when they find out what Clinton was up to during the Oslo Accords. We are going to deal with treason. If we had dealt with treason in the first place, we would have increased the odds that the attack of the Twin Towers would have never happened. Couldnít have guaranteed it but increased the odds.

B. Your major issue is 9/11 with Clinton, right?

C. My major issue is not only Clinton, Gorbachev, the energy policy. Little known fact my name is Robert Yount, the man that owns that patent is a man by the name of Angel Pacheco is my father.

B. Where is your father now?

C. Down in Florida.

B. Why is he not concerned if he owns the patent?

C. You think that what I have been through is something?

C. You should see what he has been through. Heís tried as much or harder than I have. But thatís just the patent. Iím talking about broader issues that puts National Security at risk, the BRAC Commission centralizing our military bases. It would be one thing if the politicians knew what was going on. If they knew what was going on with all these open sources, and we had a National Debate about this in the first place, we wouldnít be bent on centralizing and downsizing the military making us all the more vulnerable for a first strike. Why did Gorbachev play possum in the first place? And why would he be so dead set against Star Wars and missile defense. Think there is something up there?

B. You donít think the Intelligence community worldwide has any idea about him playing possum. You found it with all these open sources. You donít think they have researched this?

C. Like I said. Prior to my involvement, this administration never diverted to any of these former Eastern Bloc nations. The President said it himself because of the end of World War II that was the beginning of hard line Communism there in Europe. The only way we are going to take these people down is from the inside from the bottom with their own people.

When you study Clifford Clark, this guy was a lawyer/advisor to presidents going through five or six administrations going back to Truman. This addresses a lot of the stuff going on today, not only in Israel but in Iraq. This whole issue is not about Palestinians against Israelis the broader issue is because youíve got these OPEC nations that are dead set against Democracy spreading in their region. If the Administration knew everything that was going on, that I have been doingÖ.

B. What makes you think that they donít.

C. Do you want to stop the bloodshed in Afghanistan and Iraq and not fire a shot to do it?

B. Iím sure they would.

C. Stop the funding. Stop the flow of the American petro dollar going into these OPEC nations. Walk up to the oil pump and slowly stop our dependency on foreign oil. I donít want to slam on the brakes on the train, because I donít want to hurt our economy but by implementing the technology of this patent, and by forcing these OPEC nations to float their economies off their gold reserves, they will stop treating their people like walking pipe bombs and come into the 21st century or their own people will turn on them.

My hope, based on my conversations with DARPA that they are doing the necessary R&D to get our automotive industry out of trouble and ready to go not these gasoline/electric hybrids but pure electric environmentally friendly, etc. to stop the flow of the American petro dollar going into these OPEC nations.

If the Administration and my security Intel analyst knew what was going on, Iíd see it being manifested by the Administrationís actions and thatís not happening because the special interests that are manipulating the energy policy in this country donít want it to happen. They want to see war. They donít want us to stop our dependency on foreign oil and they want American families to continue to get hurt in the process and if they didnít, this patent would have been discussed a long time ago. Senator Diminicci had it, Secretary of the Energy had it, going back to Clinton, they had it. Funny, Toyota knows about it, theyíre using the technology. Special interests are trying to get American taxpayerís dollars through tax credits to pay for it. They are stringing us along. Force OPEC to float their economies off their gold reserves and theyíll stop treating their people like walking pipe bombs.

So no, I donít think my Intel analysts know what they are doing. They only thing they are interested in is covering their back, discrediting me and attacking my family in the process.

B. Part of the reason why we are at war are broader reasons for all of us.

C. Like I said, Al Queda is a valid target, they are surrogates.

B. Whoís been your latest contact?

C. I went down to Bluntís office to get information pertaining to the Secretary of the Energy, Homeland Security Committee. I question whether this staffer ever told Congressman Blunt in the first place. I tried to have a conversation with him about all of this months ago. I gave him a copy of my website. The conversation wasnít going well so I just got up and left. Iíve made phone calls to there. I went in there yesterday, he pulled some stuff off the internet for me pertaining to Energy, Judiciary, and Homeland Security. He showed me the directory that I could use to get the addresses and then I called later.

B. A lot of those places youíve already contacted, right?

C. What they donít have is a certified mailing before I go to Al Jazerra moveon.org, Arab American League and about ten other liberal organizations that are going to tear at the fabric of this country.

B. Why go to them?

C. Because of the cold indifference and condescending attitude that Iím getting from my security services and the fact that this country is not being told the truth. Iíve gone to the media.

B. CNN, Fox, I gave this to CNN right after the 911 Commission Report came out and I realized this information was not in there. I contacted Homeland Security and told them. I gave them a briefing and told them, ďIf you donít want this information out, stop me at the State Police Barracks before I do it, before I release it. Iíll be there at such and such a time.Ē I talked to a senior watch officer that day. I can pull out a fax that I sent that day. So I showed up and they didnít stop me so I faxed to CNN.

I told Mr. X you realize the minute I do this, they are going to run to Moscow with this, you realize that.

B. Is a fax the best way to do that? You say youíve faxed a lot of stuff.

C. I donít have the opportunity to sit there, I realize the sensitivity of the information Iím talking about I havenít put everything in plain English for everybody to understand. That website is intentionally designed to be fractured to make people think. To think independently on their own.

B. Youíre talking about news people.

C. I know. Here is what CNN did. I went to the Security Staff at CNN, Atlanta. Iím going to double source this. I gave it to Fox, Rupert Murdockís office and it doesnít get any bigger than Rupert Murdock. He is one of the biggest media outlets and his security people and Executive Staff, etc. I donít want to be accused of not being fair with CNN Iíll put this out. Get this to one of your executives at CNN. One of the things I pointed out in there in that first letter is why the journalists in Russia are getting killed. Putin is no more a friend of this country than Gorbachev ever was. They have been killing their own journalists, whatís the first sign of a healthy Democracy, a free press. Yet they have been going out of their way to kill their own people, and journalists that have been sounding off on the Russian Mafia and other stuff. Shortly after I gave this to CNN, Russia had their first major attack at a school, and up to that point they hadnít had any major terrorist attacks. They orchestrated it and then that CNN Executive had the nerve to go to Germany and starts telling the Europeans that our Marines and Army Soldiers are going out of their way to kill journalists overseas and he rightfully got fired for it.

I donít know what else Iím supposed to do, right, itís a lot to absorb. Iíll take a report thatís everybodyís attitude.

B. That isnít what I was going to say. Donít you think CNN and Fox would think itís a decent story, research it and put it out? Why havenít they put it out?

C. Part of the problem is it is not sourced in the 911 Commission. Thatís the Bible, the end all, cure all. Itís not that I havenít tried. Iím convinced that the only way this information is to get out to the American people is by dealing with these liberal organizations that have an agenda that are going to cherry pick the most damaging aspects of what they like and then when they run with it then the Administration and the politicians are going to get dragged into the fight whether they like it or not. When the moderate Muslims in this country find out how the special interests in this country are manipulating things, from the energy policy to the nonsense overseas, their not going to be happy here or in Europe.

The British understand what Iím talking about. I gave this to their Military Attacheí right before they evacuated their city. I gave her the briefing, gave her the website address and shortly after that, they evacuated their city. I said to her, ďThe longer my country avoids dealing with the political consequences of treason, the way the British had been forced to deal with during their Burgess McLean Affair, the higher the risk that something worse than the Twin Towers is going to happen and when I say something worse, I mean in plain English a biological weapon or nuclear device in the United States or in Europe.Ē Thatís where this headed and Gorbachev is going to laugh his head off into the annals of KGB history of pulling off one of the biggest disinformation campaigns against this country.

If my security services were doing their job, I wouldnít be catching you two off guard with half of what I have just told you. They are not doing their job. Itís all about turf, their budget, and reputation and because they are not willing to step up and clean up their mess, beyond the families at the Twin Towers, let alone the rest of the country, itís easier to discredit me and they have and Iím tired of it.

B. So you want to get this information out to Al Jazerra and everybody else to fuel the terror cells around the world?

C. No. I didnít say fuel the terroristís cells, donít misquote me. I said what was going to happen is Al Jazerra is going to get this out or the liberal organizations. Are you saying that moveon.org is a terrorist organization? Are you saying Cyndi Sheehan is a terrorist organization? And all the other liberal organizations? No, they are not.

B. Iím quoting you as whatís going to happen, that doesnít sound very patriotic.

C. The Administration has the opportunity to deal with this and hopefully Curt Weldon is going to do it. At no time have I put a deadline to anybody. At no time have I said that I expect this or that to happen. Iím tired of getting mistreated by cold indifference and apathetic attitudes of my security services that have a responsibility to be honest with the American people, but they are not because they screwed up on their Intel Analysis to politicians in the first place. If Iím wrong, then go talk to the President.

B. You think all information the government has should be disseminated to the American people in a time of war?

C. Iím telling you that the longer this country avoids dealing with the political consequences of treason, irregardless of how painful that issue is and regardless of the fact that it goes to Clinton and the Office of the President, the longer we avoid dealing with that and the higher the risk goes, something worse than the Twin Towers is going to happen. If I have to feed this to moderate Muslims in this country, moveon.org code pink, Michael Moore and start a verbal argument that way to get the information and truth out to the American people, then so be it. Itís not like our security services havenít had the opportunity to deal with it on their own and in the process of that this country will learn and be told that we already know how to stop our dependency on foreign oil. And the legal protection for an American minority family will be granted properly instead of Clinton going to the patent office and treating it like itís his personal candy store. Funny you know who does that? The Communists and the Socialists. One of the cornerstones that made this country great is the creative process in this country that manifests itself in the patent office. Clinton takes government funding, slips it out the back door, and doesnít tell the American people and manipulates the energy policy to benefit the Russians and the Iranians and attacks my family in the process.

B. I understand we are not making progress here.

C. I didnít expect it to.

B. What do you want from us?

C. Nothing. This is nothing more than an FYI because of the inaccuracies of your Departmentís report because of the actions of Homeland Security at the fusion desk, the U.S. Attorneyís Office and I understand he is military. Do you think he might have an agenda here? Is there a possibility here, gentlemen, that I have people inside my security apparatus in this country that are supposed to be politically apathetic but are not that might like the fact Iím about ready to go and discredit the Republicans? Do think that this military guy at the fusion desk might not like the fact that Iím going to embarrass the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Or God forbid weíve got some people rogue at the Pentagon that have engineered this thing? Follow the money, guys. Christians killing Muslins, Muslims killing Christians who does it benefit? And who is doing the dying?

The real question is why hasnít this conversation occurred prior to now. Why hasnít the FBI or our Security Services stepped up to the table. I havenít hidden from anybody. I told everybody how to reach me from Day One. Why is it that after almost two years, short of the briefing I gave him, that Iím having any semblance of a briefing of what is going on and why I am so upset and why this country is in danger. Because of their wholesale arrogance because they think they know everything. I donít know what the final picture is, I donít have an agenda here but this country is going to deal with treason. I had somebody at National Military Command Authority, a Field Decorated Combat Marine out of Afghanistan and Iran I respected the heck out of him. The American people donít need to know, thatís my job. If the CIA has anything right, ďThe truth shall set you free.Ē Do I like the political pain this country is going to go through? No. Do I like the fact that we havenít been told, let alone the family members of 911? No, but we are going to deal with this and in the process, my family will get the recognition that it deserves. You can mess with me all you want and they have but you donít mess with my family.

B. How are we going to deal with this?

C. The same way CNN did, they took their information, they cherry picked what they wanted. Iíll get this out Al Jazerra moveon.org and other liberal organizations, they will cherry pick what they want, spin it, get it out through the power of the microphone, start an argument, riots, whatever, I donít know, protests, the 60ís will be a walk in the park compared to this.

B. They are going to research all of this.

C. Fine, thatís the beauty of this because I put everything out there for anybody to take a look at on their own. I have researched it. Itís not like somebody in our Security Services has stepped up and said, ďHereís a hole in your argument, go look here.Ē Here is what you are missing. No, itís not that, Iíve got the intellectual argument down irregardless of whether or not this countryís been told and as a result of it, we are at even a greater danger.

Like I said to Mr. X, if the President signs the BRAC Commission, that will be his first black eye in my mind of his Presidency. Thatís the only negative thing that Iíve ever had to say about him. The politicians donít know. If my Intel Analysts were doing their job, they wouldnít be bent on downsizing and centralizing making us all the more vulnerable for a first strike. The politicians donít know.

Trust me, I know how dangerous a man like George Sorros with moveon.org, with money could do with half the information that Iíve given you, let alone all of it because heíll orchestrate something that will throw out the Republican Party. Do I want that? No. Do I think that there are some people inside our Security Services that have loyalties to the Democratic Party and probably want that to happen? Yeah, I do. Iíve got some serious questions about that. They are not politically apathetic. Itís not about protecting the country, itís about protecting their turf, their budget and their reputation.

B. I donít want to talk out of turn, Bob, but I think we are done.

C. I concur. I agree. My expectation was to talk to Homeland Security, that man at the fusion desk. Iíve had no problem with the two of you at all. The FBI, thatís a different story, disgrace. What Iíve learned about our Security Services isÖ.

B. You donít know everything that the FBI has done over the last few years.

C. Let me say this, at the point that my website came out, I know that there are good agents with the FBI. The NSA trying to politically cover their back, ďWe tried to tell the President and I got the FBI, Iíd love to know who the agent was that was involved with those arms dealers out of these Eastern Bloc countries. Iíve got the NSA doing that and Iíve got the FBI going, ďHey, we just busted these arms dealers out of the Eastern Bloc countries.Ē I know that the FBI does good work and I know thereís good agents out there even if I havenít come across them or dealt with them. I know that. With respect to the FBI and what Iíve learned, is that these hard chargers come out of Quantico and think their stuff donít stink and know it all. They get assigned to the major metropolitan cities and you donít get the kind of agent you need to deal with until you get out in the suburbs with agents that have been out in the field for ten or fifteen years. Those guys have got their stuff together if you are lucky to get one but until that happens, good luck.

B. I know what you mean, man.