Masters of Deception

26 March 2002


Tom Ridge

The White House

Washington, D.C.  20500


Honorable Sir:


As the United States continues to go on a war time footing against aggressorís both foreign and domestic, you are to be commended for being willing to except the awesome challenge of Homeland Defense.  I pray that you are allowed to do this for the sake of our Country without political rancor or distraction of sound bites from the News Media. To try and find inefficiency, new ways to maintain the Government, and not bankrupt our Country from within, is a process I request direct participation in.  A position that you feel Iím best suited for and yet to be defined, on your team?


I know how to protect a variety of different issues and assets that our Country, needs to defend.  I bring Marine Special Forces, Navy Seals, Arctic Warfare Rangers, Army M.P. Washington, D.C.  Have held security clearance.  My Corporate experience has taken me through the fields of Credit Collections.  Industrial and Corporate contract security in a management position.  Import Export for the Horticultural Market.  Have worked in the medical billing field and experienced the prospective of Doctors, Lawyers and Insurance companies.  Enjoyed partial success as an Independent Mortgage Broker.  I also worked in the Wholesale Travel Consolidation Business.  My ability to deal with people in a variety of settingís or over the phone is extensive.  Iím intelligent, with common sense and have been conditioned to deal with high levels of stress and pressure.


I have recently been advised that my present security position at Valley Forge Mall, Phoenixville, PA will conclude 11 April.  Construction is near complete and the mall has lost itís anchor.  I have been there since the weekend of October 11th when our Country had itís first alert.  My participation in events of October 11th demonstrates the ability to see the big picture, both locally and nationally.  If you choose not to utilize me personally in homeland defense, then I would like to be put on fast track consideration as a 2nd shift supervisor for airport screeners at Regan National Airport or Dulles Airport.  My personal circumstances allows me to go any where Iím needed the most.  I appreciate your time and consideration.


Sincerely yours,




Robert Yount

Semper Fi