Masters of Deception

Department of Energy


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Attention: Ray Madden



Iím sorry that I didnít get information to you sooner about the tax fraud going on regarding R&D of hydrogen in this country.  My primary focus has always been on the attacks on the Twin Towers.  Both issues are interconnected, regardless of what has been disclosed to the American people to date.


I have already put information to this countryís senior security agencies about the Twin Towers.  Our countryís energy policy is a National Security issue of the highest level.  When this patent was granted in 1997, government officials went out of their way to contain this information from the American people, while working with the automotive industry.  It has also come to my attention that the Department of Energy has known about this process for along time.  Further more it has come to my attention that NASA believes that hydrogen is a valid but stale technology.  I will follow up with you in the near future about how to blow the lid open about these issues.




Robert Yount

1926 S. Glenstone #298

Springfield, MO 65804