Masters of Deception

The following document dated 16 February was hand delivered to the Mayorís office in New York City 2/19/04.  Among others present were Lt. Richard Chapman NYPD Intelligence Division 718-765-4333, a member of the Mayorís security team was also there.


Between 19 & 20 February 2004, I also hand delivered this to NCIS Quantico DOD, State Department NSA Fort Meade (Richard James Threat Management Unit 410-854-6627, CIA McLean, VA.).


Before I drove to New York from Springfield, MO, I had previously faxed this to the New York field office of the FBI.  When I was at One Police Plaza, I called the FBI, they said they received it, takes time and hung up on me.  Uniformed cops just told me to call 1-888-NYC-SAFE.


September the 11th, 1915 is a strategic date to an organization that has always hated our country.  What the 4th of July is to our country, September the 11th, 1915 is to these people.  Consult Book #10 Indexed Strategy, Liddell Hart.


This organization made their position clear in their computer system on September 11th during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Consult Honorable Treachery, index #11 when you start with the Book Strategy, and then Honorable Treachery and get to the events during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Your alarm bells will start to go off. 


Key events occurred during the case of Win Ho Lee at our nuclear lab at Los Alamos.  This case was clearly tampered with by the Executive Branch.  After nine months of solitary confinement he was scheduled for release on September 11th.  This scheduled release was not an accident.  See index #12, A Convenient Spy.


Key events happened during the Iranian Hostage situation during the Carter Administration on September 11th.  See index #12, October Surprise.  There is a direct correlation of the events during the Cuban Missile Crisis on September the 11th and October Surprise on September the 11th.  October Surprise index #12.


Information was also supplied about the crash of the New York Power Grid not discussed in public circles.  See index #20, 6 Nightmares.  (NSA operation Eligible Receiver)


This same organization that hates our country, did the same thing to the British.  They caused one of the biggest scandals, that became known in counter intelligence circles as the Burgess McLean Affair.  The central event that caused this, happened on September 11th.  These events at the time tore Britain apart.  See index 14, the Meaning of Treason.


This September 11th pattern and more issues shows compelling events during the last two decades that will go to address treason.


My evaluation will also go along way towards explaining why journalists are dropping like flies in Russia.


We all recognize the importance of December the 7th during World War II at Pearl Harbor.  Itís not an accident that something central happened on December the 7th 1988 in New York City, years before September 11th 2001 at the Twin Towers.  See index #9, A World Transformed George Bush (41) and Brent Scowcroft.


Before the inauguration of Mr. & Mrs. Clinton and Al Gore in January 1993, their advance team got together with Bush Srís people to ensure a smooth transition.  The Secret Service indicates that one of Clintonís people was wearing a Communist Red Lenin Lapel Pin.  See the FBIís Special Inquiry Summary Report on Mr. & Mrs. Clinton 15 April 1996.  See index #17, Unlimited Access.  (P6 169-205)


I donít care if you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent.  All I care about is the security and welfare of my country.  We all can agree regardless of party affiliation the nonsense our country went through because of the Monica Lewinsky affair.  Itís not an accident that Mr. Clinton apologized about this on September 11th 1998 at a breakfast for religious leaders (Treason).  See index #51, Shadow for the Photograph at the White House.


You are not going to understand the importance of this moment towards the Twin Towers until you come to terms with the Book Strategy index #10.  Someoneís battle cry is in this book.  Pg. 164 ďLenin had a vision of fundamental truth when he said that the soundest strategy in war is to postpone operations until the moral disintegration of the enemy renders the delivery of the mortal blow both possible and easy.Ē  This is not always practicable nor his methods of propaganda always fruitful.  But it will bear adaption.  The soundest strategy in any campaign is to postpone battle and the soundest tactics to postpone attack, until the moral dislocation of the enemy renders the delivery of a decisive blow practicable.  Mr. Clintonís apology on September 11th was not an accident.


The next point for examination is events concerning Bin Laden.  Things said and not done on September 11th by Mr. Clinton before the attacks at the Twin Towers, See index #18, Dereliction of Duty.  #19 Intelligence Failure.


On September 11th the day of the attacks, then National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice was scheduled to give our country a pro Star Wars speech to further kick start this administrationís SDI.  Our enemies knew in advance that this speech was coming.  Remember that some of the people on the NSC were former members of Clintonís team.  Our enemies didnít want this speech to happen, which is one of many factors why the attack at the Twin Towers happened.  We will probably never know who the little fish are that are guilty of treason.  The big whales are self evident by their own actions.  Index #21 Tao of Spycraft.  Index #22 Year of the Rat.


September the 11th is not the first time policy initiatives are started by the United States and our enemies.  The troubled Munich Olympic games end on September 11, 1972 and the world witnesses the beginnings of terrorism.  Eleven Israelis are killed by terrorists.  Their anti democracy movement has bearings on events today.  Index #42 Man Without a Face.


US President Bush (41) addresses Congress on the Persian Gulf Crisis vowing that ďSadam Hussein will fail in his takeover of Kuwait.Ē  September 11, 1990.  See Internet Website www.september11new.com/sept11history.htm.


James Bamford is a watchdog, whistle blower about the NSA.  In his book, Body of Secrets, he talks about Operation North Woods.  He indicates that during the Cuban Missile Crisis the Joint Chiefs of Staff were willing to kill Americans on American soil, so they would have an excuse to go to war against Cuba.  The likelihood that the Joint Chiefs of Staff would ever declassify this operation is slim and none.  Which posses a question, how did he get this information?  I donít believe for a minute that men like Colin Powell or General Myers would authorize something like this again.  See Index #23.


If what Iíve revealed so far isnít bad enough, it gets worse.  United States patent #5689174 will give this country a decentralized energy policy.  In plain English, no more gasoline bills at the pump with our cars or electric bills at our homes.  This new electrical energy process has zero emission for the environment.  This patent was issued 11/18/1997 during the Clinton White House years, which the American people were never told about.  Instead decisions were made at the time to try and take our country down the road towards hydrogen.  There is wholesale tax fraud occurring against the American people with this program.  Natural gas is a key ingredient needed for hydrogen.  The Russians and the Iranians control 50 percent of the worldís reserves.  Phase out our dependency on OPEC nations for the Russians and Iran and waste millions of tax payer dollars in the process.  See index #24, The End of Oil, on the Edge of a Perilous New World and US patent #5689174.


Another point of interest not disclosed is what happened during the year 311.  See Index #26, The Lessons of Terror.


On August 23, 1989 the day after Gorbachevís historic call to Rakowski, Hungarian Foreign Minister, Gyula Horn decided to open the Hungarian border to the West for East Germans to escape their country.  (As early as May 2, the Hungarians had begun dismantling the barbed wire and obstacle fence along their border with Austria) on September 10th the Hungarian Government formally announced the opening of the border.  East Germans wasted no time in taking advantage of this opportunity, and during the next three weeks or so, tens of thousands left for West Germany, most by way of Hungary, though also through Czechoslovakia.  This assault on the West German economy started the next day, September 11, 1989.  This was not an accident.  See Index #15, From the Shadows.  #34 You Can Trust The Communist's.



As indicated in my opening statement I was aggressively involved with the Israeli Embassy in Philadelphia, New York and Washington DC.  The British Embassy in Washington DC and our Department of Defense.  My involvement concluded with a fax on my part to the Executive Staff of Secretary of State Collin Powell, before his speech at the UN Security Council on February 5, 2003.  My activities go to the heart of WMD not disclosed to the public.  To fully understand the danger Europe, Africa and the Middle East was in, you first have to go back to the first Gulf War. Acknowledge that not just Israel stood to loose 1000's if not 10's of thousands of people in the above mentioned regions of the world including the United States.  Our country and the British had a lot of problems trying to stop scuds.  We also deployed the Patriot Missile System to try and protect Israel and keep them from going weapons hot. As confirmed in after action reports during the first Gulf War, and the History Channel we had mixed results, something Israel was not happy about.  Pre invasion to the 2nd Gulf War, CNN goes to Israel and talks to a local average citizen.  This was about the time they were building their safe rooms, with plastic.  CNN asked this Israeli how he felt about how events were unfolding.  He said they felt safe and went on to discuss their new arrow intercept missile system.  CNN then went on to show different pictures of the Al Samoud Missile System that Sadam Hussein had.  The Department of Defense acknowledged that this missile system was a variation of Russian technology.  Some of these photo shots of this missile system showed some of them but not all, had a female flange or hole in the nose of the missile.  Why?  I finally realized that in the heat of the desert, this hole would have allowed him to pour any kind of powder, liquid or biological agent quickly before release towards Israel.  One of the things I said to the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC was they would end up doing the work for him.  At his point of release of this missile towards Israel they would fire off their new arrow intercept missile system.  The arrow will allow Israel to intercept inbound missiles down range at higher altitudes where wind currents and jet streams are more active.  At the point of impact at these altitudes any kind of agent would blow where?  Another Middle Eastern nation, Africa, Europe, the United States?  Only Israel stood to suffer?


Another point that has to be discussed is how the President (43), would handle things after the attacks.  To what degree did our intelligence community and security services go into looking at other enemies our country has.  If they got to the true level of deception by our enemies, would he even believe it.  The President on a personal level would have to come to terms that his father (41), was dooped by masters of deceit.  Understandably this would have left him in a guan dry, something our enemies wanted.  He was not called the loyalty enforcer, during his fatherís presidential campaign for nothing.  Al Queda is a valid target, but the 911 Commission report has holes in it. 


Gram Gusti handled security for the 911 Commission.  He acknowledged my fax before Thomas Keene and members went to speak with the current President.  He had further instructions to tell Tom to get a briefing with General Myers Joint Chiefs of Staff, before going to the White House to meet with the President.  Gram Gusti also acknowledged latter my document is in National Archives.  One of three things seems to be happening, information log jam, information not getting to the right people or a mutually authorized security blackout.  Not even the President would have the sole authority to keep this information from the American people, or weíve got some people involved in a cover up.  I donít know whatís going on other than the American people are not getting all the truth.